Food and drink

 Greek pastries 


why not try a bit of everything 

Greek wines 

In my opinion much underrated , when eating out ask if the taverna owner if they make their own wine and if yes try it 

you will find it worth it  


Not to everyones taste but worth a try , made from fava beans olive oil and garlic sometimes topped with either red onion or capers and in Santorini topped with caper leaves 

Had as a starter with crusty bread  


A great Greek drink , it is very much like a brandy but is a mix of brandy and wine made from sun dried sultana's and black grapes from Samos and Lemnos 

comes in 5 star 7 star and 12 star  

 Roast Greek lamb 

The most tender lamb you will ever taste , cooked with lemon , potatoes , rice and greens .

Beautiful with a nice bottle of red or two 

 Greek coffee and an ouzo 

a must while here 

 Greek salad 

Usually tomatoes cucumber red onions feta cheese and kalamata olives drizzled with olive oil . 

Stuffed vine leaves 

Also known as Dolma , these can be stuffed with either rice , dill and white onion 

or with meat usually lamb and the the above ingredients  


Made from fish roe and either bread crumbs or mashed potato lemon juice , vinegar and olive oil .

Great with crusty bread and a bottle of white greek wine 

 Moussaka is made with thin slices of egg plant , finely diced or ground lamb and topped with Bechamel Sauce .

Another of my favorites  


I was never a fan of this until I first visited Santorini and now I could not imagine going to a taverna without ordering