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Greece is a country in southeastern Europe and has land borders with Albania , Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia to the north and Turkey to the east The Aegean sea surrounds the east coast of the mainland , the Ionian sea to the west and the Mediterranean to the south .

Greece consists of a mountainous mainland with peninsulars jutting out into the divine blue sea at the southern end of the Balkans .

Greece also has 1400 islands 227 of these are inhabited including Crete , Santorini , Lesbos , Chios , Euboea and Corfu to name a few.

The climate of Greece can be put into three types , The Mediterranean the alpine and the temperate .

The Mediterranean climate features mild wet winters and hot dry summers .

Snow does fall in the winters but mainly in mountainous areas .

The Alpine type is mainly in northwest where the Pindus mountain range is .

The Temperate type affects central and east Macedonia and Thrace these have cold damp winters and hot dry summers with thunder storms a regular thing .

Athens gets affected by both Mediterranean and Temperate types , the north of the city gets temperate while down town and the south of the city get more of a Mediterranean type .

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